Item collection 2490020 original

Sterling Silver Sleek Cuff


Item collection 1665365 original

Gypsy Bells Anklet


Item collection 2451811 original

Turkish Orbital Earrings- Aqua


Item collection 2451816 original

"Wonderland" Glass Caterpillar


Item collection 2489972 original

Stone and Helm Choker


Item collection 2489995 original

Glass Donut Pendant


Item collection 2490036 original

Viperscale Pendant


Item collection 2490045 original

Floral Viperscale Bracelet


Item collection 2490069 original

Tiger Iron Pendant


Item collection 2494019 original

Byzantinus Maximus (Big Byz)


Item collection 2494037 original

Bronze Jens Pind 5


Item collection 2494049 original

Tri- Color Jens Pind 3 Choker


Item collection 2693192 original

Star Spangled Earrings


Item collection 3130654 original

Flutterby Earrings


Item collection 3130657 original

Celtic Helm Pendants


Item collection 2940835 original

Precious Dragonscale Ring


Item collection 2940445 original

Gothic Crystal Neck cuff


Item collection 2940459 original

Beady Eye Pendant


Item collection 2940724 original

Beaded Rings


Item collection 1873411 original

Hodo (Sidewalk)


Item collection 1866670 original

Seafoam Glass Caterpillar


Item collection 2105095 original

Crystal Byzantine Pendants


Item collection 2105130 original

Swarovski Japanese Flower Pendants


Item collection 1640847 original

Peacock Hair Vine


Item collection 1812488 original

Peacock Dragonscale Cuff


Item collection 1772015 original

Viperscale Bracelet


Item collection 1873405 original

Mermaid Tail Earrings


Item collection 2387380 original

Sterling Silver Barrel Ring


Item collection 2387384 original

Labradorite Lace Bracelet


Item collection 2387402 original

Silverfill Dragonback cuff


Item collection 2387437 original

Crystal Saturn Bracelet- "Fire"


Item collection 1882028 original

Rainbow 4-1 Ring


Item collection 1882366 original

Copper Herringbone Ring


Item collection 1882449 original

Butterfly Ring


Item collection 1882502 original

Green Mini Dangles


Item collection 1890483 original

Celtic Star Pendant


Item collection 1806912 original

Niobium Viperscale


Item collection 1807187 original

Burgundy Grapevine Earrings


Item collection 1807208 original

Green and Brass Grapevine Earrings


Item collection 1799898 original

Red Glass & Brass Byzantine


Item collection 1799926 original

Red Glass Byzantine


Item collection 1799932 original

Burgundy Orbital Earrings


Item collection 1799976 original

Crystal Wrist Cuff


Item collection 1994865 original

Dragon Blood Jasper Herringbone Set


Item collection 2023769 original

Peacock Eye Japanese Flower Pendant


Item collection 2757185 original

"Aurora" Crystal Elegance


Item collection 2757246 original

Victorian Crystal Byzantine Necklace


Item collection 2757362 original

Labradorite Chaos pendant


Item collection 2757388 original

Chaos Puddle Pearl pendant


Item collection 2757397 original

"Tiger Eyes"


Item collection 2757409 original



Item collection 2744957 original

Gothic Lace Collar


Item collection 1825127 original

Peacock Sleek Cuff


Item collection 1878725 original

Ladies Stainless Steel and Bronze GSG


Item collection 1826702 original

Men's Stainless Steel and Bronze GSG


Item collection 1826704 original

Tri Color Viperscale


Item collection 1770630 original

Seafoam Glass and Brass Byzantine


Item collection 1770646 original

Yellow Glass and Aluminum Byzantine


Item collection 1771303 original

Seafoam Glass and Aluminum Byzantine


Item collection 1772313 original

Garter Weave


Middle Earth Designs

Welcome to Middle Earth Designs on Zibbet! I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with my shop. I have lots of styles of jewelry here and I am happy to take custom orders! For information on placing a custom order please refer to the extra information section of my shop. Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back often!

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**Just a note for curious minds. Some of the items listed here in Zibbet are made with a metal called Niobium. This metal is considered to be among the list of precious metals like Argentium, Sterling, Gold fill, Gold, Titanium, and Platinum. One of the wonderful things about niobium is that the price is similar to Sterling and Argentium so it is reasonably affordable to use in chainmaille. The other reason I love it so much is the rich variety of colors and the lustrous shine of the material. Not to mention those lovely rainbow rings that are such a favorite of mine and will be seen all through my shop. Because Niobium is a precious metal the prices for those pieces that include that as one of the weave metals will be higher than the prices for base metals. It is also hyperallegenic which makes it perfect for those with sensitivity to most other base metal alloys! If you have any further questions about the materials I use please feel free to contact me!

A special thank you goes out to the designer of my shop banner, Tabitha Jones owner of Gothic Toggs for her amazing work, talent and intuition for matching my personality and style!